Clarina Howard Nichols Center

logoOn this week’s podcast, Dad interviews Allyson Scanlon, the Coordinator of Family and Child Advocacy from the Clarina Howard Nichols Center. During the interview, Allyson discusses the Center, and shares details of the SAF-T (Sheltering Animals and Families Together) initiative. She also talks about why finding a safe place for companion animals is so important for someone in a crisis situation.

I should know. My first mom brought me to the Addison County Humane Society so I would be safe. We lived with a mean man, who said he was going to hurt me if she didn’t get rid of me. Luckily, the shelter took me in, and the Shelter Manager called Daddy about me. As soon as they saw me, Dad & Mom adopted me on the spot.

I’m lucky, because I got a second chance. People at the shelter cared enough about me to help, which is what Allyson and the people at the Nichols Center do every day. Click here to learn more about the Clarina Howard Nichols Center.

Allyson’s interview with my Dad is really important, and I hope you’ll make sure to listen!


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