While Mom and Dad are Away…

I think my Dad needs a vacation, he’s been a little grumpy lately. Mom and I think a week at the beach will give him a much-needed rest. Dad’s always cranky when he has to spend money, so while he’s resting, we’ll also be doing software updates to make “Bruce & Hobbes Radio” sound even better!

Mom’s got some plans too. Her friends are coming over, and they’ll be fixing our studio so it looks great!

Mom has a few day trips planned, so that means we get to spend time with our favorite pet sitters, Ashley and Jessica. You know what that means? Camp Run-a-muck for us (Willie, Calvin, Olivia and me!)

In case you’re wondering what happens when Dad and Mom are away, let me give you the low-down…WE run things!

ca74ad47-da74-4ee8-a5b4-a47c752b82f0When I bark, I get a treat! I’m so cute, Ashley and Jessica can’t resist me.

Olivia, my black lab sister, has separation anxiety, so we need to watch out. Sometimes her tummy acts up, and you know what that can mean..

Calvin, my baby brother, is fine – as along as it doesn’t rain. He does not like being wet, so if it rains, Ashley and Jessica may have some cleaning up to do.

Willie, my feline big-brother, is an escape artist and tries to run out the door. Willie is an indoor kitty, and Mom would blow a gasket if he got outside. She worries too much..

Luckily, we have Aunt Deb, who stops in to check on everybody. Aunt Deb is like our second mom, so we need to behave when she’s around, or she might call Mom, and tell her what we’re up to.

IMG_0117All kidding aside, we’re not that much trouble, we just like to have fun and keep Mom and Dad on their toes. You know, like when Dad steps on one of my bones in the middle of the night, and goes “OOOOUUUCCCHHHHH!!!”

We love Mom and Dad, but they both need a break. Calvin, Olivia, Willie and me will run things, until they get back.


“Bruce & Hobbes Radio” returns with Episode #27 on September 2. Make sure to tune in, and tell your friends. If you missed a past podcast, now’s a good time to catch up, so click here!

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