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Hobbes, a tiny, brown dachshund & his Dad, Bruce, "The Voice for Animals!"

Hobbes, a tiny, brown dachshund & his Dad, Bruce, "The Voice for Animals!"

Hobbes, a tiny, brown dachshund & his Dad, Bruce, "The Voice for Animals!"Hobbes, a tiny, brown dachshund & his Dad, Bruce, "The Voice for Animals!"

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Your support and contributions will help cover the significant medical bills for Hobbes care, due to a spinal injury, and get him a customized doggie wheelchair, so he can walk again. 

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About Bruce & Hobbes,"America's Two Best Buddies"


The Voice for Animals

Bruce & Hobbes are the voice for animals. Hobbes, Bruce's radio side-kick, was rescued by the Zeman's from a horrible domestic violence situation. Our feisty canine staff-member has helped thousands of animals find homes with animal welfare, and rescue groups,  around the world.

Bruce is a nationally-recognized animal rights activist, radio show host, author & speaker, who travels the nation speaking on behalf of animals to make sure those, like Hobbes, have a voice.

Bruce, Hobbes (&Tami) donate their time, and money, to make the world better for animals. Through their efforts, animals have a voice.


Local radio had "Gone to the Dogs."

Shortly after his rescue, Hobbes, a tiny brown dachshund, joined Bruce on the radio, and the two “Best Buddies” became a wildly popular duo, changing radio in Vermont for good.

Local radio had “Gone to the Dogs.”

Since becoming a team, Bruce & Hobbes have worked to better the lives of animals, and judging from the world-wide response, their message has been well-received. Hobbes is the only canine in Vermont history to be honored as a Police K-9 in three communities, and four departments - Middlebury, Vergennes and Bristol, as well as a deputy sheriff in Addison County,  Hobbes is also the “official” fire dog of the New Haven Volunteer Fire Department. 

Since becoming the nation’s only human / canine morning show duo, Bruce & Hobbes have worked tirelessly to make Vermont a better place. In 2010, and again in 2014, the Vermont Legislature recognized “The Wake-Up Crew with Bruce & Hobbes” with resolutions honoring them for their community service work, and dedication to helping animals. At the 2010 ceremony, Hobbes made headlines, becoming the only canine in Vermont history allowed on the floor of the Vermont House of Representatives to receive his award.

The Vermont Association of Broadcasters recognized the duo in 2012, with the prestigious, “Alan B. Noyes Service Award,” for Community Service.

Besides their Vermont-based, morning radio show, on WVTK, Bruce & Hobbes are heard world-wide monthly, on their national podcast, "Bruce & Hobbes Radio," which is all about animals. Bruce &  Tami have also written a children's book, "Hobbes Goes Home," which they read in schools across the nation!

Listen to their radio show, "The Wake Up Crew with Bruce & Hobbes," weekday mornings from 5:00 am - 10:00 am on 92.1 WVTK-FM. Click the website (below) to find their station.



Bruce & Hobbes are highly sought-after speakers, and are available for speaking engagements, events and media appearances, nation wide.

Since 2009, Bruce & Hobbes have appeared at events across the nation - as emcees, hosts, keynote speakers, and presenters on issues such as anti-bullying efforts, anti-domestic violence efforts, empathy, compassion, inclusion, tolerance, respect, determination, empowerment, team-building & perseverance. 

Although Bruce does most of the speaking (Hobbes does contribute, from time-to-time), he is a powerful, compassionate, speaker who draws on his 30+ years of experience working with animals and people of all ages to make the world a more compassionate place.